Audio equipment for audio books

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So you are now ready to try out audio books, that's great! But you are still not certain you have the necessary equipment for listening audio books? Here is what you need:

  • A computer is enough!
  • That's right! As long as you own a computer and an Internet connection, you will be able to download locally the audio books you purchased (and use free softwares like iTunes or Microsof Media Player to listen your audio books) or simply use a CD rom player (most computers have one) for audio books you might decide to rent.

  • MP3 Players
  • iPods are hot, everybody has heard of the Apple iPod, iPod mini, iPod Shuffle, and iPod Nano. Apple has done an incredible job offering consumers a wide range of extermely user friendly and technically powerful MP3 audio devices (you can host up to 15 hours of music!). Other companies such as Creative offer many MP3 players, sometimes more affordable that the Apple Audio Devices, but sound quality, design and configuration are important so we strongly recommend the Apple iPod serie. You can read more about MP3 players, check out the latest prices and offers by reading "Portable Audio Book Devices".

  • Portable Audio CD players
  • If you decide to rent your audio books (, you will receive them on a CD (or tape, see below). You will need to use a portable CD player or a computer CD rom.

  • Audio Cassette Portable Players
  • When renting audio books you can decide which audio format you would like to receive your audio books on and audio cassette is offered by What you need to remember is that the audio format from cassettes will be poor compared to Audio CDs and more from MP3 format.

Check out some of audio equipment recommendations to listen audio books.

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